Shop Policies

About Orders

Customers agrees to Shop Policies in effect when making the order. Shop prices includes Finland sales tax (alv.). 

Please check for the product right away when you receive it. That package is ok not broken, is product in good condition etc. We are not accepting notifications of problems with order for later than 14 days after you have received product.

For product return always contact with us. We are not responsible of product returns that have not been informed to us. Customer pays the product return costs. Also for custom / made to orders cannot be returned as they are not treated like normal ready product orders, please discuss this with us and we can maybe find some solution.

Please contact us about anything related to your order. You can also contact us in any other matter or ideas. Also if something is wrong with the package after you received it from the shipping. It is damaged or other matter please contact also post office about it.

Shipping times etc.

Shipping time depends on which products did you order also if we have item in Stock delivery is more quicker. Some basic models we have more in stock and special models often have to make new ones.

From Stock basically we can ship order in about 1-3 weeks and if not in stock generally from 4-8 weeks. Other times we will let customer to know as some custom orders will take more time.

It is possible to make sometimes Quick order that we will prepare and make more quicker (with some products this is not possible). Please send us a message before making order if you need product quickly or for some special date and we can make you quick order. From this we charge basically about 20% extra to the price.

Also if wanted Express Postage the extra payment from Express postage charge is added over the normal prices. Express postage is possible to add already to order when making order payments.

Remember when choosing shipping method to also buy extra registered mail if needed or wanted a tracking number for smaller packages as they are send as small packet that has no tracking number. Bigger packages always come with tracking number. Responsibility to choose this is for the buyer and also if package is lost in shipment. You can also ask more about these options and they can be added later after order also.

Customer Register

The address information can be used for direct marketing purposes within the scope of the Personal Registry Act in Finland.

Payment Methods

We accept Paypal Payments as well as many Debit and Credit cards. Check about different payment methods while making the order. If you need any further assistance with the payments please contact us. 

Possibilities to Pay in smaller parts might be also possible.

Additional information

In Handicraft products such things than differences from sample photos are normal. Also Leather colours fade in use or leather will get cracks or scratches in time of use. But with proper taking care of leather adding waxes and other right substances it will stay well for a long time even lifetime or more.

To take care of the Models is in responsibility of the buyer. Help can be also found in local Leather Tailor shops and others like that.

If you have some basic questions about your models they can help fixing them really well. We recommend to check from them.


Any Matters concerning about the order please contact:
to receive more information.

Bard & Jester and Taitajien Talo reserves rights for changes in sizes and prices and Shop Policies. Always check Shop Policies again with every order. Shop policies to Finland and abroad can have differences.